8 things that shocked me about breastfeeding and pumping as a new mom

Breastfeeding and pumping is always portrayed as being so easy and beautiful on TV and in magazines but the truth is, all that glitters is not gold. Let me be the one to tell you that there is nothing easy and beautiful about breastfeeding every hour on-demand, pumping with raw nipples, and especially experiencing horrible…

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Want To Have a Successful Natural Birth? Avoid Doing These 12 Things In The Birthing Room!

Wanting to have a successful natural birth isn’t too much to ask or plan for. With c-section rates increasing and interventions in hospital births becoming more routine, it’s absolutely a good idea to prepare yourself for success ahead of time.  As a mama who’s had 2 natural births in a hospital and as a birth…

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40 Holiday Maternity Dresses Fit For Pregnant Glamorous Moms

It’s time to swap your comfy over-sized t-shirts for these ultra glam holiday maternity dresses— Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner! Those comfy baggy sweats and that old tee are probably all you feel like wearing right now but it is said that when you look your best, you feel your best….

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15 Of The Best Breastfeeding Accessories and products

Having milk makin’ boobs and a cute and hungry baby is great and all but having the right breastfeeding accessories on-hand is even more amazing! Breastfeeding is natural, yes, but it can also be very challenging. Preparing yourself ahead of time will definitely make for a much more comfortable experience and it will be much…

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How to give birth naturally without pain?!

Is there really a way to give birth naturally without pain? Disclaimer (I explained this in detail in my last post): there is a major difference between regular pain which can happen as a result of something gone wrong like an injury, and functional pain which occurs when there are normal physiologic processes taking place…

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5 Practical Tips To Help You Overcome Your Unmedicated Birth Fears

With all the scary unmedicated birth stories moms are so eager to share with other pregnant mamas, and the overly dramatized birth scenes in movies, it’s not wonder women are terrified to have natural births. I would know because I was once there. With my first baby, I was a freaked-out ball of nerves during…

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